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A New & Exciting Concept a Travel Relief Fund is being created.

A nonprofit that would provide relief money for endangered travel agencies and also provide training, done by industry executives, on non-promotional business topics.

The concept is easy, CEO’s and other senior executive leaders from Travel Industry Suppliers worldwide will be asked to participate. Their commitment would be to teach and train Travel Agencies how to accomplish their business during and forward of this pandemic. Each supplier will donate a fee to and commit to be a Trainer/Teacher in one or more sessions.

As a “Founding Partner”, you will be invited to be part of our “Executive Committee”, although a non-compensated appointment, you will be part of decision making team as to who receives these donations. This is an integral role and will hold high esteem in our industry. It will also garner your commitment to our industry and be a useful tool in Public Relations.

Additionally, P. Jason King Associates, will provide up to a fifty (50%) percent discount of their services to each donator/sponsor.

Eighty (85%) Five Percent of the monies raised will be distributed to those in need. An application will be created for Travel Agencies to apply. This will NOT be a loan. These monies will be provided to the awarded companies free and clear. Companies participating will receive a Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze certificate, suitable for hanging, thanking them for their supportive efforts.

Administered by P. Jason King Associates, Inc. a well-known global executive search firm and consulting practice, est. 1975.

For more information, please email